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Our Corporate Collaboration Track is set up to de-risk and accelerate commercial integration.
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Innovate for Good
A Corporate Collaboration Track to Make a Difference in the World

As the world and consumer landscape undergo continuous transformation, new trends emerge that shape preferences and behaviors. With an increasing emphasis on personalized solutions and a growing awareness of health and wellness, more and more tobacco and nicotine users1 are adopting Reduced-Risk Products2 (RRP) that offer tailored experiences while minimizing harm.

Building on the success of previous programs, Startupbootcamp is excited to announce the kickoff of the 2024 edition of Jumpstart, a Corporate Collaboration Track tailored to the evolving landscape of Reduced-Risk Products (RRP). Jumpstart is designed to bring together tech organizations worldwide in collaboration with our corporate partner, JTI (Japan Tobacco International), to drive innovation and advancement in the RRP space.

Through a structured process of Proofs of Concept, we aim to empower startups to explore the full potential of RRP solutions, emphasizing exceptional product performance and an unmatched user experience. Our goal is to elevate RRP to new heights while addressing the diverse needs of today's consumers.

Join us in our mission to shape a brighter future for consumers globally through collaborative innovation in RRP solutions. Apply to our Jumpstart program today and become a catalyst for positive change.

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During 3 months, you will:

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Learn how to maximize your efforts in corporate collaboration by working closely to an industry-leading company

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Expand your solution into a new industry and reach new markets with continued support

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Get access to expert-led masterclasses, workshops, sessions and hands-on mentorship

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Develop Proofs of Concept with JTI, and get the opportunity to close a partnership for further collaboration

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Take your team to the next level through a Digital Ecosystem of e-learning and networking

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20k euros for development and travel costs

Giulia Falcone

Program Manager at Startupbootcamp

Wilson Rainho

Open Innovation Director at Startupbootcamp

“Jumpstart is designed to facilitate and maximize Corporate Collaboration, providing participating organizations with the opportunity to achieve actionable results within the course of the collaboration track”.

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We are looking for tech organizations with a disruptive and validated solution working with technologies with the potential to enable, complement, or augment our JTI's value proposition within Reduced-Risk Products². Some of the business challenges we are addressing are in the following areas:


Device Tech
New RRP2 Categories


Direct to Consumer



Collaboration Structure

1. Exploration

Together with industry and innovation experts, we will identify problems and ideate solutions.

2. Proof of Concept

In this stage, participating companies will be guided into developing PoC’s and validating their applicability into a business.

3. Testing

Companies will work together with our industry experts to run tests and see their solutions in action by addressing a real use case.

4. Demo Day

During a big event, the teams will present the results accomplished in the last three months.

5. The Big Jump!

After evaluating the Proofs of Concept, a selection of the participating companies might extend further their collaboration with JTI.


Applications Open

March 1st

Applications Close

April 26th

Selection Days

May 14th - 15th

Program Kick-off

June 6th - 7th

Demo Day

September 26th

Apply Now

Application Process

Application Form

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1st Meeting

Scouting Team

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Introductory call to understand more about your business and your fit with our focus areas.

 2nd Meeting

Program Director

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We will discuss how your company would benefit from the collaboration and your fit with  JTI’s ambitions.

Due Diligence

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We run a ‘light’ due diligence process to understand your current stage concerning tech, infrastructure, finance, market and team.

 Selection Days

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In this event, you will pitch and meet our stakeholders. Based on ratings, we will select the companies joining the collaboration track.


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Selected companies join the 3-month corporate collaboration track.


What people say

Jumpstart Reviews

Stijn Bogaerts

Founder at MoNoA

"MoNoA was approached and selected by Jumpstart for one of their corporate programs. Thanks to the team's support, guidance, and encouragement, the award-winning project has evolved into a global partnership and continues to generate new opportunities for international collaboration daily. Our cooperation opens the door to an endless journey of awareness and provides insights into a more conscious personal and corporate lifestyle. Thank you for bringing more 'Mono No Aware' to the people!"

Kaie Kaas-Ojavere

Founder and CEO at KIUD Packaging

"Participating in the Jumpstart corporate collaboration program was an extremely valuable experience for KIUD Technologies. In this program, we worked closely with the JTI and Startupbootcamp teams for 4 months and gained instructive knowledge and good tips on how things are working in a global corporation and how to fine-tune our product in order to succeed. We met amazing people from JTI, and we are still in contact with fellow teams."

Profile Photo

Charles Lo

CEO at Upmood

"Upmood's participation in Startupbootcamp and JTI program in 2023 was an outstanding experience. It provided a practical platform for deep diving into problem-solving while fostering meaningful connections. Working alongside a diverse range of startups allowed for growth and learning, complemented by the invaluable support of the Startupbootcamp team. The program facilitated relationship-building with the JTI team, resulting in the creation of implemented and potentially long-term solutions. The high-touch collaboration with JTI enhanced the overall experience. I highly recommend this remarkable opportunity to any team seeking a transformative experience."

Eliot Profile Photo

Eliot Knepper

CEO & Co-Founder at Mnemonic AI

"Mnemonic AI has already attended two different Startupbootcamp corporate collaboration programs for a good reason. The amount of input you receive during 3 months is unprecedented, and our company would not be where it is without them. The team will do everything to support, guide and encourage you, so if you get the chance to participate, take it!"

Charlie Profile Photo

Charlie Gurtner

Digital POS Engagement Manager at JTI

"Startupbootcamp helped us identify several hidden gems and test new relevant technologies in a short time frame. The continuous support and coaching to both JTI and the startups were very helpful in bridging startup and big corporate cultures."

Matteo Bruna

Innovation and Scouting Manager

The tobacco business is a giant going through a phase of complete metamorphosis...for the better!  At JTI we embrace the amazing opportunities that such a change brings and, teaming up with SBC, we created a vibrant playground where ambitious startups can unleash their innovations and contribute to creating a better future for everyone!

Juan Profile Photo

Juan Alejandro León

PD E-vapor Manager at JTI

“Participating in the Jumpstart program managed by SBC was a great experience! The way they coached us and the startups was very effective, and led us to develop meaningful solutions.”

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About JTI

JTI is a leading international tobacco and vaping company with operations in more than 130 countries. It is the global owner of both Winston, the number two cigarette brand in the world, and Camel, outside the USA.

JTI is also a major player in the international vaping market with its heated tobacco brand, Ploom, and e-cigarette brand, Logic. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Company employs over 40,000 people and was awarded Global Top Employer for the eighth consecutive year.

JTI is a member of the JT Group of Companies.

More about JTI


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